Bulkheads & Seawalls Fresh & Saltwater Construction

Tide, boat wakes, wind and waves can take a toll on your waterfront. Sea & Shore Construction designs and builds bulkheads to withstand the forces of nature. Beautifully designed and expertly constructed, our bulkheads enhance your property’s landscape while protecting it.

Bulkheads are crafted from granite, basalt, or steel sheet pile. We find beauty in what lies below knowing that supporting fillers and proper drainage play a vital role in strength and longevity of your bulkhead. Evaluating each and every site for the right solution is Sea & Shore Construction’s expertise. Whether you need to protect or enhance your waterfront, use an expert where the sea meets the shore.


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  • Saltwater Bulkhead Seattle
  • Sea & Shore Rip Rap Bulkhead
  • Sea and Shore Bulkhead Close Up
  • Bulkhead Construction on Puget Sound Photo Credit: Kirk Haupt
  • Emergency Erosion Bulkhead Construction Photo Credit: Kirk Haupt
  • Bulkhead Construction Photo Credit: Kirk Haupt
  • Emergency Permitted Night Construction Photo Credit: Kirk Haupt
  • High Bank Erosion Control Photo Credit: Kirk Haupt
  • Granite Bulkhead
  • Bulkhead Kayak Landing
  • Bulkhead
  • Bulkhead Lake Forest Park
  • Bulkhead Mercer Island
  • Bulkhead Steps
  • Bulkhead Steel and Vinyl Sheet
  • Sea and Shore Steps
  • Bulkhead Seawall
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